The Perfect Stock for Turkey Soup

Posted by axalady on July 16, 2012

Trying to Make Turkey Soup Recipes Taste as Good as MomMom’s

I know that the turkey soup recipes need flavorful stock. I didn’t bake a whole turkey, I decided to make it easy on myself and bake two turkey breasts. (Of course you can cook a whole turkey and add the giblets to the stock for even more flavor). The turkey breasts were simply, but amply, seasoned with salt and pepper. Once they were cooked I sliced them. We ate some of the meat for dinner, some of the meat I froze and some of the meat was saved to add to the soup. I always allow a bit of meat to remain on the bones while they cook to add flavor. I added carrots, a large yellow onion and celery to the stock, as well as a bay leaf, parsley pepper a bit of celery salt. I also add some of the chicken skin for added flavor. I did not let my stock come to a boil. MomMom’s turkey soup recipes say to not let the stock boil as it may turn it bitter. I let the stock simmer gently about 3 hours.

I strained the stock through a fine strainer to remove all the bones and veggies. As I wanted to make these turkey soup recipes as authentic as I could I decided against using any frozen vegetables. I added cooked fresh green beans, cooked fresh carrots, cooked fresh peas and lima beans. I had blanched corn I had frozen during the summer, so I cooked that and remove the kernels. I cooked cubed white potatoes and added them. I made about 9 cups of soup. As it was it was a very thick soup. I thought of adding some chicken stock to thin it out so I could add some macaroni but decided against it. This turkey soup recipe was more like a thick stew, a thick delicious stew. I think MomMom would have been proud of my efforts. As I added the salt and pepper I kept track of how much I used. This was a very classic turkey soup recipe that didn’t call for any added herbs or spices. The next recipe I want to try time I cook one of her turkey soup recipes I’ll be sure to hold back on adding veggies so that I can add macaroni.

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