Turkey Soup Recipes – My Favorites

Posted by axalady on May 18, 2011

Turkey Soup Recipes are Treasured Heirlooms

My favorite turkey soup recipes came from my MomMom. She was my mother’s mother and was a wonderful cook. I have fond memories of her in the kitchen. She always wore an apron to protect her dress, and this was a time when women always wore dresses.

Some of my favorite things my MomMom cooked were her soups. We used to say they were thick enough to walk across, especially her turkey noodle soup.

My grandparents lived in West Virginia. My grandfather was a Methodist minister. My mother was born in 1929, the beginning of the Great Depression, a hard time in American history. Her older brother was 7. My grandparents, like a lot of other people had to learn to do without during those lean years and they had to learn to be more self sufficient. This was the time when my MomMom started really cooking soups of all kinds, especially turkey soup. Some of these turkey soup recipes came from her.

Turkey Soup Recipes Using all Fresh Ingredients

I was very surprised when my mother gave me my MomMom’s turkey soup recipes and I was anxious to try them. Of course, like a lot of older recipes that get passed down there weren’t any ingredient amounts. I wasn’t too surprised about this, but I knew that if I wanted to make delicious turkey noodle soup like my MomMom did I was going to have to do a bit of work. My Mom and I talked about MomMom’s soup. She remembered as a child that her parents raised all their own vegetables. Her mother had a particular fondness for herbs and she included herbs in a lot of her cooking. She also remembers most of the church members not having any money, so my grandfather was often paid for his services with food. There was always a supply of fresh vegetables. Neighboring farmers supplied them with meat from beef cattle and pigs. One neighbor raised chicken and turkeys. They had neighbor ladies who sometimes made pasta by hand. Hence MomMom’s turkey soup recipes were born.

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